Armenian Gampr Dog, The Ancient Wolfhound

Armenian Gampr Dog, The Ancient WolfhoundBefore presenting one the most ancient wolfhounds of the planet known as Armenian Gampr dog, the owner of one Violetta Gabrielyan sends greetings to the whole world with words “barev dzez” (բարև ձեզ – hello).

“Absence of oil in Armenia is not a problem. Our oil is behind us on this beautiful hill near the Saghmosavank temple. And that Armenian miracle is the gold and oil which is called the Armenian wolfhound Gampr.

This is the most ancient wolfhound on Earth. It’s the ancestor of all dogs, it’s the king of dogs. An aborigine which remained unchanged to this day. Today you are here, you are shooting a film and you just can’t believe it,” – said Violetta Gabrielyan.

Gampr dog is a very strong and free dog, which points out its uniqueness. And this is not just some kind of journalistic stamp. These dogs are inclined to make independent decisions even in the most difficult situations, and as a rule this decision turns out to be right.

Gampr dogs become attached to people based on their decision making as well. If the owner cares about the dog, it will develop a strong bond with him. Not getting any attention, the dog will simply start to ignore its owner and might even leave him to find new family.

Nevertheless, Armenian gampr dogs are very attached to people, especially when they live together, because the dogs feel themselves genuine family members.

Despite the aggression of gampr dogs towards wolves, this breed is very open and friendly. Gampr dogs do not need training as they perform the necessary functions naturally, counting on their native decision making.

Гампр. Планета собак ? Моя Планета


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