Avarayr’s lessons – For the Armenian elite

In the video below the author, candidate of historical sciences Artak Movsisyan tells about the period of the history of Armenia covering the coming to power of Parthian dynasty Arshakuni as well as its fall.

Particular attention is given to the period that preceded the Avarayr battle.

According to the author, the study of history is necessary not only as a reason for simply pride but also to find errors and draw conclusions.

In particular, referring to the history of Avarayr, according to the author, it is necessary to draw lessons from the historical past because if right decisions had been made before many historical failures could have been avoided.

The video is offered in Armenian.

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  1. Artak jan petk e mer patmutsiun@ khoratsvats antsnel dprotsnerum. Hima khosum en russeren lezvi masin chmtatselov mer hayots patmutsian masin.

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