Basques try to prove their Armenian origin

Basques try to prove their Armenian originIn the city of Irun in the north of the Basque country in Spain, a public group was established to study the ethnogenesis of the Basques based on Armenian sources through the efforts of local specialists.

It is noteworthy that many scientists of Basque origin confidently declare their relation to Armenians.

In particular, such debates intensively took place in the Basque society in the early 1990s, when a number of Basque scholars arrived to Armenia to get acquainted with archival data containing valuable information about the culture and traditions of this people.

It should be noted that some researchers believe that the Basques have come from the Armenian highlands, which, by the way, is stated by Basque legends as well.

As for the scientific side of the issue, hundreds of toponyms with Armenian names and origin can be found in the Basque country.

It should also be noted that Georgian scientists are also interested in the history of this people, unsuccessfully trying to find traces of Georgia in the Basque country.

In his 1928 work „Alarodiens et proto-basques“, Josef Karst based his ideas of the similarity of Armenian and Basque languages on the linguistic material avaiable to him. Those languages might actually be two slightly modified languages of the same branch.

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  1. And this not new. My Armenian grandfather, who passed away in 1972, always told us the Basques were from Armenian origin.

  2. you have to notice that in Georgia is an area called Iberia… I guess some of those went to the end of the land and stopped in Pirineous mountains Spain. Moreover Cilicia pronounced as ‘guiliguia’ in spanish is next to Galicia (a north west area in Spain where land ends. Finisterre.

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