Beautiful Illustrations from the Life of Armenians

Beautiful Illustrations from the Life of ArmeniansYet another selection of beautiful, old illustrations and paintings on Armenian themes collected and published by the team of PeopleOfAr.

It is remarkable and pleasant that Armenians with their culture and way of life have inspired artists and other cultural figures from all around the world over centuries.

Old images, miniatures, and paintings showcased in museums worldwide reflect the rich history of Armenia. For us, as Armenians, the works of world artists are valuable because they allow us to expand our worldview and find out how foreigners perceive the Armenian nation.

This is not the only compilation of this type. Here on Art-A-Tsolum, we have a small collection of miniatures, photographs, and paintings on Armenian themes. We mostly publish similar articles in the Culture section. You could also use the website’s search bar to find such publications.

Now, please enjoy those beautiful paintings!

Armenian man from the Ottoman empire by Edward Ludlow Mooney (1848-1849)
Portrait of an Armenian by Richard Cosway, 1771
An Armenian woman by Styrian painter Štajerski Slikar, 1682
An Armenian family from Tiflis, Grigory Gagarin, 1850-1855
A priest from Armenia by Grigory Gagarin, 1850-1855
The Patriarch of Armenia by Grigory Gagarin, 1850-1855
A woman from Yerevan by Grigory Gagarin, 1850-1855
Armenian school in Moscow
The Armenian island of St. Lazarus in Venice
Mount Ararat
View of the Temple of Fortuna Virilis, presently the Armenian church of S. Maria Egizziaca, Giovanni Battista Piranesic, 1760-1778
Georgians, Circassians, Armenians
Portrait of an Armenian-girl from Iran, late 17th century. From the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar

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