Decades-old pamphlets and world war illustrations by the Kemalists in Turkey

Decades-old pamphlets and world war illustrations by the Kemalists in Turkey displayed “progressivism” in Turkey by destroying Mosques and Islamic literature.

They show Ataturk stepping on Islamic letters and stabbing Ottoman-Islamic leaders who are depicted as being serpents. Ataturk, who once confessed to reciting “Jewish prayers” separated religion from government and was the reason that the Turks stopped using Islamic letters.

They started using English (Latin) letters to write Turkish. They broke apart the Ottoman empire and used Armenians as bait to destroy the Islamic government.

Recently Turkish politicians have been threatening Armenia bragging about the ability to erase us from history and geography if their patience runs thin. It seems they are quite confident and comfortable being puppets for the globalists and (((empire)).

Somebody should remind them that it wasn’t too long ago that the American and English empire erased half the Ottoman Empire when they capitulated, and Ataturk was installed by the west. Then the Young Turk’s cousins in the East (Bolsheviks) destroyed the Russian-Christian empire to create communism and eventually bring down Christendom in Europe during world war two.

Nikol Pashinyan has tried to become the Armenian-Ataturk for two years now, but the Turkish and Azeri governments are frustrated and upset about it. They don’t want peace, but it seems they don’t want Armenia to join (((the empire))) with the big players either.

Nikol kept his promises and side of the bargain, but the Turks and Azeris take their share and still manage to turn Armenians against each other as they laugh, attack our country and play us like puppets with Russia.


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