Dynastic Race, 12 Lost Tribes, or the Armenoid race

According to Brien Foerster (author, adventurer, and researcher) who has been researching and studying the history of ancient civilizations in Peru for decades, the DNA studies conducted by his team revealed that these skulls belong to a “non-human” species (in his words).

Non-human does not necessarily mean that they were extraterrestrials, but rather that they are genetically different from humans living today.

Some people even believe that they are the ancestors of the “chosen race”, Dynastic Race, 12 Lost Tribes, or the Armenoid race they were known as to anthropologists and archaeologists up until the 1950s.

Many mainstream researchers have tried to cover the truth about these skulls by claiming that ancient civilizations practiced artificial cranial modification, flattening, and shaping children’s skulls shortly after their birth to create that head shape.

The only problem with that theory is that not only were the heads/skulls of these ancient species much larger, but they also had massive round eyes, large ears, massive noses, large jaws, large teeth, and sometimes 4 rows of teeth and 6 toes or fingers.

They were giants (Please see our page Ancient Giants from Ararat to Amazon). There are even humans born today with 6 fingers or toes, and extra rows of teeth.

After DNA analysis Brien Foerster and his team wrote that this ancient species originated from the Caspian Sea region to the Black Sea near Colchis (Historical Armenia).

Of course, they would never say the word ARMENIA, but there are many ancient stories of giants from Eden (Armenia) and battles between them and humans until certain giants turned against their own to protect human beings.

They taught humans many of their customs, how to farm, engineer temples, and master the art of metallurgy.

The tales, epics, and stories accumulated over the last few centuries might not all be true, but from our research, I can confidently say that there is a whole lot of evidence to back them up.


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