Every ancient civilization is telling the exact same stories

The story of “Jonah” being swallowed by a large fish or sea dragon/creature is found in many parts of the ancient world. The story is written in the Bible, Quran, and Jewish literature or lore.

One thing I have noticed about the scriptures is that the same stories, events, numbers, punishments, and lessons are being taught and repeated throughout the book, just under different titles, names, and periods/ages.

My research has led me deep enough to understand that every ancient civilization is telling the same stories of a flood, human creation, giants, dualism, and a Messenger of Light (celestial heaven) sent to earth (material realm) to fight the forces of darkness, and they have translated them into their native languages over the last 800+ years.

I believe the 12 disciples of Christ represent the 12 tribes of Israel (Aryans/Armenoids/Dynastic race of builders). I believe (and this is MY opinion) that Christ and Jonah are the same spirits trapped in flesh. Jonah did not want to pass judgment on the people of Sumer for their wickedness, and Jesus wanted to die for people’s sins.

The celestial God sought to destroy Babylon unless Jonah carried out the order, the same celestial God wanted to destroy the world until Christ inherited its sins of it. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. According to the Christian account, Jonah was swallowed by the fish and remained in the belly for 3 days, and Christ was crucified and remained in the tomb for 3 days.

Jonah walked out of the belly of the creature after 3 days and was resurrected, Christ walked out of the tomb after 3 days and was resurrected. When the Pharisees asked Christ to deliver them a sign from God, he replied to them and said that he will deliver the sign of Jonah.

I believe Jesus, or better yet Emmanuel, is represented by the symbol of a fish because of this same resurrection of Jonah from the fish’s belly. The story has been altered, twisted, and rewritten a dozen times by many ancient civilizations, but what it represents was important enough to be put on ancient temples and stones.

If you do not have a decent understanding of what is carved on the stone around the world, you will never truly understand the Bible. You will only believe by faith, and not by KNOWING.

I believe ancient stones and temples depict clearer historical events and give sharper clues into what was true in the past more than any made up renaissance era “pagan” fairytale, mythology, or “Abrahamic” religious book written to conceal the true gnostic doctrine of Armenian-Christianity. The eternal battle between light and dark. The Ouroboros.


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