Fermented Milk Product “Narine”

The fermented milk product “Narine” was invented in 1964 by meritorious inventor of the Armenian SSR, professor Levon Erznkyan, and his wife Parandzem Sarukhanyan, Doctor of Biological Sciences. The idea of the product’s creation arose after the birth of their granddaughter Narine.

Since scientists studied acidophilic bacteria, they took the girl’s meconium (earliest stool of mammalian infants) for analysis, and found millions of lactobacilli in it, which can normalize the human microflora. This prompted them to advance further in their research in the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR.

During the research, scientists discovered that their product had high resistance to antibiotic, chemotherapeutic and antiseptic agents.

It synthesized significant amounts of harmless antibiotic substances, aided the restoration of the intestinal microflora, increase of the activity of harmless E. coli, stimulation of the motor function of the intestines, restoration of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in a short period, increase of concentration of hemoglobin in the blood, alleviation of diabetes, gynecological and oncological diseases, and the synthesis of Interferon, thereby strengthening the immunity and contributing to the treatment of various diseases.

The number of species of lactobacilli in the product was very high. In order to preserve and develop them in the human body, the spouses found an environment where the bacteria could develop outside the human microflora.

After that, the fully developed product became unique, and in 1966 the Council of Ministers of the Armenian SSR adopted the resolution “About organizing the production of therapeutic acidophilic milk and therapeutic nutritious dairy product “Narine” in children’s hospitals and dairy factories.” It was known that the product very quickly and without any consequences eliminated the pathogenic bacteria.

But it would not spread and become applicable outside the republic if not for one case. Four-year-old Narine had to undergo intensive care therapy due to acute intestinal infection, and the medicine of that time did not help.

Such a case forced the spouses to find other options of saving the life of their granddaughter. They decided to nourish her with their product, which eventually led to her condition’s improvement. They named their invention “Narine” in honor of their granddaughter.

In 1986, after the disaster in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl, “Narine” was prescribed to the victims of the accident. It was able to remove the infectious agents from the organisms of people exposed to radiation, and saved many lives.

After this incident, the World Health Organization officially released recommendations for “Narine”. The United States, Germany, France and Japan immediately purchased licenses for its production. At present, there are no products anywhere in the world analogous to “Narine”.

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