Gigantic Anthropomorphic Steles In The Republic of Artsakh

Gigantic Anthropomorphic Steles In The Republic of ArtsakhNear the village Nor Karmiravan, Martakert province, Republic of Artsakh, 3 thousand years old anthropomorphic steles have been discovered.

They are considered one of the most significant finds belonging to the pre-Christian Armenian culture.

According to archaeologists, stone sculptures similar to these steles can be found only in Artsakh’s region.

The steles are separated into three segments representing human body parts – head, torso, and lower limbs. On all steles arms are portrayed crossed on the chest of the figure, and some figures are holding daggers.

Such details might indicate that the purpose of the steles might have been connected with protection. Initially, one of the steles has been discovered by an inhabitant of Nor Karmiravan.

These monuments stand out with their gigantic three-meter height. Another aspect of their uniqueness is that they are well preserved, have distinguishable patterns.

The steles are of great interest not only in the fields of science and archaeology, but politics of Armenians of Republic of Artsakh as well.

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