Hayhaiuapanti, Shining ones

Following a global flood, Viracocha arrived in the Andes with seven Hayhaiuapanti to assist humans to restart civilization. In Aymara, the word Hayhaiuapanti means ‘shining ones’, described as very tall, light-skinned with red hair and elongated skulls.

Interestingly, at this moment on the opposite side of the world, an identical group of people bearing the same nickname and physical attributes was “rebuilding the former world of the gods” along the Nile. There they were called Aku Shemsu Hor, ‘Shining Ones, Followers of Horus’.

Two separate cultures are connected by the same tradition.

And yet these seven gods led by a charismatic eighth were also making waves in New Zealand, Japan, Yucatan, and Iberia.

By Freddy Silva

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