Hidden Traces of a Proto-Civilization in Yerevan – Armenia

Hidden Traces of a Proto-Civilization in YerevanYerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is even called “the eternal city” as it is older than Rome and was founded in 782 BC.

But while the date of Rome’s establishment (753 BC) is only asserted in the Roman mythology, the date of Yerevan’s foundation is confirmed by a cuneiform inscription with the date and the name of its founder, a king of the Kingdom of Van (Urartu) Argishti I.

Here, people learned to process metals thousands of years earlier than in other countries. Besides, much is known in regard to the culture and the science of the ancient inhabitants of Yerevan and its environs, although there still is knowledge hidden somewhere in its vicinity.

In the editorial office of the ALM TV channel, Aramayis Gareginyan, fulfilling the will of his father, gave details of a mysterious artifact. His father was the last of its eyewitnesses and did not want to take the secret to the grave.

In 1943, Hrant Gareginyan worked on the construction of the Victory Bridge in Yerevan as a military engineer. While digging the foundation for the central support structure in the river bed, the builders unexpectedly stumbled upon the top of some metal pillar.

Traces of proto-civilization in Armenia Следы працивилизации в Армении

It should be noted that this is not the only case of a discovery of a similar kind in Armenia. It is known that in 2011, during the excavations in the so-called Verin Naver district west of Yerevan, a bird statue and a horse bit made of some kind of an unknown material were unearthed.

Amazing Archaeological Miracle! Paradoxical Findings of Archaeologists! Удивительное Археологическое Чудо! Парадоксальные Находки Археологов!

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