‘History is a set of lies agreed upon’ – Napoleon Bonaparte

As you can see dear friends, there are a few problems and questions that need answering here. We have an Islamic coin from the middle ages with a so-called “Hellene” on it. The same emperor on both coins, with the same design circling the emperor.

Why would an Islamic empire that was strengthened by the belief that Pagans were idolaters and enemies of God, use a pagan idol on their coins?

Well, according to ancient Islamic texts and the Quran, the people in Arabia worshipped a moon God and were part of moon cults before Islam, and the Prophet Muhammad COMMANDED for his people to live in PEACE with PAGANS. What kind of a world do we live in where evil Christian-Armenians kill off their Pagan ancestors, while Muslims protected theirs?

Something even more interesting than medieval Muslim empires using Pagan idols on their coins is that there is not a single Armenian coin like this that existed during the Armenian medieval era. We had our Christian Armenian coins, while “Pagan Armenians” decided to use “Greek” ones.

That course is according to the 16th-19th century manufactured versions of Armenian history.
The truth is, the entire old world knew that the Islamic, “Greek”, Latin, and Persian empires were established during the middle ages.

The entire old world knew that these “Greek” coins and letters were Byzantine-Koine letters used during the middle ages for commerce and trade. Language and letters were invented for a multi-ethnic medieval Christian empire.

That is why “Greeks” do not have a single ancient Christian stone Kingdom, 1001 ancient Churches, and thousands of Khatchkars. Most importantly, the ENTIRE ANCIENT WORLD knew that the so-called “Hellenic Greco-Roman” temples and heritage is an ARYAN-ISRAELITE dynasty.

If you study some of the pre-Christian temples that are built the same as the Garni temple in Lebanon and Syria, you will find the Israelite star of David on the stones and ceilings. You will find so-called “Hellenic” people carrying the Israelite Menorah carved on the temple walls.

You will find so-called Hellenic people with Israelite attire, and hair missing on the top of their heads with hair only on the side of their heads curling down like the ancient Israelite and Bagratid tradition.

The ancient Israelite Kingdom and King David’s city in Jerusalem which today is the Armenian Quarter in Israel were later transformed into the first Christian Armenian Kingdom. Christ said he had come for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, and the ancient Armenians from Van believed that Christ was a Mamikonyan that rode to Jerusalem on a white horse with 50 men.

The Quran says that Muslims must SUBMIT to the ancient Israelite prophets like Isahak and Jacob. Once Armenians reject and disregard their false “Pagan history” that was given to them by our Byzantine, Sabbatean, Salonika, Sassoonian, and Soviet enemies, they will finally understand why they are so confused.

Why do they have no problem accepting the fact that the entire world for the last 400 years has regarded their Pagan Armenian Kingdoms as being slaves to foreigners? Believing that an Aryan Armenian King Tigran or “Commagene” Kings had to use Greek letters instead of their own, while at the same time complaining about Armenian Christians destroying their Pagan heritage is the most retarded thing a human being could believe.

Your Pagan Armenian Kings using Greek letters on their coins, temples in Nemrut, and on “Vahagn statues” long before Christianity is what killed your people. That’s only IF you believe the version of history that they have fed you.

‘History is a set of lies agreed upon’ – Napoleon Bonaparte

The great pagan lie

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