In “The Dark Ages” Armenia was the only place of light

What is the average person’s reaction when they see an article like this? They either become intrigued to learn more, or they will laugh out of ignorance. Why is this Indian professor saying that Hinduism never existed? Which Christianity is this professor talking about when she says “mirror image of Christianity”?

I know the answer to that.

If you Google Image search “Hindu Gods”, you will find that 99.9% of the illustrations or depictions of them are Gods with WHITE/pale/olive skin or some with blue skin. In the same way, the Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, and Polynesians had ancient depictions, epics, and texts about giant bearded white Gods arriving in their land a thousand years ago and building their civilizations, the Indians and south-east Asian races also believed a similar history a few centuries ago. They called them “The Armenoids”. I know them as being the Imastuni Armenian-Christians.

There have been many old historians, professors, and philosophers that wrote about the dark ages never actually existing, and how the history we know of was first written during the middle-ages (13th-17th century).

Everything that mankind knew about this world’s history was lost or destroyed and a new history of the world was written by the Latin and Byzantine empires during the Renaissance period. Their tentacles spread out through the entire old and new world. They labeled the old world “The Dark Ages” because during those ages Armenia was the only place of light.

This “Israelite” heritage and culture (Armenoids/Lost Tribes/Aryans) which is IDENTICAL to the traditions, symbols, and culture of the Sumerians, has been passed down and given a hundred different names over the last 10 centuries. The same heritage, epics, culture, and story that is being told by ALL ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, translated and twisted in their native tongues.

The great pagan lie

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