Map of The Empire of Tigranes II The Great

Map of The Empire of Tigranes II The GreatThe area of the territory under rule of the King of Armenian Kingdom Tigranes the Great exceeded three million square kilometers.

For comparison, the territory of Soviet Armenia with its 30,000 square kilometers was only 1% of that vast territory. Together with Artsakh the area of modern Armenia is estimated to be about 42 thousand square kilometers which is approximately 10% of the territory of the Armenian Highlands.

Below we present to your attention the map of the Armenian Kingdom under Tigranes II the Great, corrected by the well-known historian and armenologist Gevorg Nazarian according to the Greek-Roman (Strabo, Plutarch, Pliny) data.

The maps on the Internet and, unfortunately, in scientific circles might be inaccurate and often represent the conquests of the King of Kings greatly understated, not reflecting the true victories of Tigranes the Great over foreign states of his time.

Can you imagine what complications would have represented holding that huge territory back then? It is not enough to simply conquer a territory. It must be retained and controlled.

Tigranes II the Great managed to do both without modern means of communication, roads and high-speed transport though he hadn’t even have great power in the beginning of his reign.

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