Mysterious Finds In Armenia – Giants of Nairi

Mysterious Finds In Armenia – Giants of NairiAnthropologists, scientists and independent researchers have been discovering remains of tall people in the mountains of Armenia for many years. Today, residents of many villages of Armenia are convinced that there have been entire cities of giants in the distant past.

Numerous tombs found in Gyumri, Lchashen, Khot, Yeghvard, Goshavank, Ohanavan, and other settlements might somewhat confirm that statement.

After conducting series of studies, doctor of historical sciences and anthropologist Maria Mednikova discovered, as she considers, evidence of presence of giant people in mountain regions of Armenia 5000 years ago.

12-meter-high, 600 ton hewn megaliths have been discovered near the village of Agarak, Syunik province, Armenia. Local legends say that once there has been a large city inhabited by giants. Could myths about the giants, who are part of many mythologies, turn out to be true?

Here is what the medieval Armenian historian Movses Khorenatsi (Armenian: Մովսես Խորենացի) cited in his famous book “The History of Armenia” (5th century):

“The first Gods were fearsome and majestic, and were behind the greatest blessings in the world: the beginning of the earth and its settling by people. From those people a generation of absurdly huge giants has separated. One of them was Hayk, a famous and brave leader, and an accurate bowman.”

Armenians consider the founder of the legendary Haykazuni dynasty Hayk (Հայկ) their ancestor, who, according to the legend, had a giant height and defeated the Babylonian king Bel.

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