Neanderthals did not disappear – They bided their time

I often ask the interlocutor where is he from? I ask this because it is mainly of interest to the interlocutor.

Armenians of Diaspora, for example, proudly celebrate their villages and towns in Historical (Western) Armenia, and we often celebrate the streets where they lived in recent years.

A resident of Komitas, a resident of the Third Section (Երրորդ մաս), a resident of the Station (Կայարան) and others.

They are mostly cute people, but there are also scary ones, and the most terrible of all are the hidden Neanderthals.

350,000 years ago, they moved from Europe to the region of the Hrazdan gorge / Nor-Geghi / where we quietly and silently made stone tools for ourselves. Supposedly, the Neanderthals went extinct 27,000 years ago.

It is not true! They have been waiting in ambush all this time, waiting for the right moment to seize power! Now they are taking revenge on Homo sapiens.

The photographs show reconstructed images of Neanderthals.

Well, did you recognize someone?

Sukias Torosyan June 18, 2017 Translation with slight clarification Art-A-Tsolum

P.S Actually, this is a joke, although who knows! Faces too familiar. Especially now, three years after the post was published. Comment Art-A-Tsolum

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