Pagan temple complex in Ogmik – Armenia

Pagan temple complex in Ogmik - Armenia Archaeologist Hayk Hakobyan informed journalists about an ancient pagan temple complex excavated in Ogmik in northwestern areas of Shirak province, Armenia.

“We have already found altars, idols, clay figures, and animal carcasses sacrificed to the gods. Carcasses of rams and deer were sacrificed to Anahit and Astghik, and goats to Vahagn. On one of the altars, we even found a human skull,” Hakobyan said.

He informed that the temple complex was built in the 2nd century BC and operated until the 4th century. “So we see that not all pagan temples were destroyed after the adoption of Christianity. The complex in Ogmik was not destroyed but just stopped its activities,” Hakobyan said.

He said that excavations in Ogmik began in the late 1980s and were resumed in 2006. “The temple complex is so great that if we continue the studies at the current pace, we will work for 80-100 more years,” Hakobyan said.

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