The Armenian Language, the Base of Indo-European Languages

Already in the 19th century, when the field of Indo-European studies occurred, many scientists were convinced that the Armenian Upland was the cradle of the Indo-Europeans and that the Armenian language is the “mother” of all Indo-European languages.

Modern researches in the field of archeology, linguistics, genetics, and molecular biology are increasingly supporting that hypothesis.

The picture below features the scheme of the development and branching of Indo-European languages, introduced by the German linguist August Schleicher in 1860.

Schleicher was one of the many linguists convinced that all Indo-European languages are the branches of the Proto-Armenian language.

3 thoughts on “The Armenian Language, the Base of Indo-European Languages

  1. Armenian language is a unique language and not found in other languages. Therefore Armenian language must be the foundation of the other languages. No mystery there though.

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