The Armenian Language, the Son of the Language of Gods – Alla Ter-Hakobyan

The Armenian Language, the Son of the Language of GodsThe religion of Armenians’ ancestors, their shrines, and “solar” worldview are surprisingly reflected in the Armenian language. In the explanatory dictionary compiled by Aghayan, we counted 371 words with the root “sun” (312 from “arev” and “areg” and 59 from “arpy” (which mean “sun” in Armenian)).

And this is without considering the many derivatives in the internal cells of these words! Is there even one more language in the world in which the worship of the Sun would be expressed so earnestly?!

In connection with the worldview and attitude of our ancestors, we will examine three Armenian numerals: one, two, three.

“One” is “mek” (մեկ) in Armenian. This word comes from the Sanskrit “eka” – one, the only one, the same. The Sanskrit “eka” and the Armenian “mek” are the One, that is, God. Russian numeral “one” comes from the Sanskrit “ādi”, “first”.

The Chaldean word “od”, “light”, has the same origin. It gave birth to the Armenian “od” (օդ), “air”. But the root of both these words should be sought in Sanskrit, where “ādi” measn “first”. Both light and air are the beginning of life.

But the One always stands in Three Persons. So let’s turn to the Armenian numerals “yerku(s)” (երկու), “two”, and “yerek” (երեք), “three”. As we already mentioned, the sound combination “er” did not exist in the ancient Aryan proto-language. Instead, there was “ar”.

Hence, the named numerals could sound like “arku” and “arek”. Since for the ancient Aryans, the God was the Sun, it is in the Sun that the Trinity of our distant ancestors should be sought in.

“Yerku(s)” splits into two Sanskrit roots: “arka”, “sun”, + “us”, “light”. Hence, “sunlight”. This numeral reflects the First Emanation of the God.

Perhaps, “yerek” sounded like “areg” in ancient times, as now sounds one of the Armenian synonyms of “sun”, which is translated from Sanskrit as “Holy Movement”.

Two and three, radiation and movement, are two manifestations of the One, the Immutable Absolute. Armenian numerals 2 and 3 show the One in action.

An excerpt from the book “The Armenian language, the son of the language of Gods” by Alla Ter-Hakobyan.

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  1. Who needs PROOF THAT THUTMOSE WAS REFERRING TO Mt. ARA GHATS ARMENIA when He recorded that in the land of the RMN heaven rests on four pillars.
    Thutmose III of Egypt (1466 BC in his 23rd year records) when he held his court at Nineveh, mentioned the people of ‘Ermenen’ as paying tribute and says that in their land “heaven rests upon its four pillars.” There is a Babylonian inventory of the Akkadian Empire that locates the land Armanî next to Lullubi. A second mention by pharoah Thutmose III in the 33rd year of his reign (1456 BC) as the people of Ermenen (” in the Region of the Minni”), and again it reads in their land “heaven rests upon its four pillars”.
    Before we go back to the Armenian Heaven resting on four pillars let us look at our understanding of what a man made Ciborium/Kiborion is.
    CIBORIUM/KIBORION: Sanctum Santorum, is the veritable Temple Of The Living God. “The Holy of Holy’s, or as we say the inner sanctuary. A Heaven resting on Earth.
    We read in every dictionary that in Architecture, a Ciborium refers to a freestanding circular ‘canopy’ obviously representing the sky, fixed by four columns or supported by four pillars of a perfect square, over an altar. In architecture generally and in some churches, a ciborium describes the four sided shrine with a dome or canopy over it. It is like the covering over the sanctuary in a basilica, supported by four columns.
    Ciborium is said of a sacred altar supported on columns, especially when freestanding and disconnected from any enclosing wall, out in the open in the middle of say an open sacred space even a sacred grove.
    A canopy is a covering, usually of fabric, supported on poles or suspended above a bed, throne, exalted personage, or sacred object.
    This is what the LORD says:Isaiah 66:1 again working with the circle/sky and cube/earth.
    ‘Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Could you build me a temple as good as that?’ asks the LORD. ‘Could you build me such a resting place?
    Sacred numbers show the Kingdom of Heaven as #3, to represent the above the sky and the kingdom on earth #4. The kingdom in heaven when united as in Hieros Gamos that means the union of the flowing Heavens above with the Kingdom of the fixed, the Earth below. thus the union of the two gives us in number (3+4=7.)

  2. Is it not interesting that from ancient times ARA, The Altar, has symbolized either a traditional altar or a pyre placed high on a tower to act as a House of Light. To the Romans, it specifically represented the altar which was used by the Centaurus to sacrifice Lupus, the Wolf. Earlier in Greek legend, ARA symbolized the altar built on Mount Olympus by the gods following their defeat of the Titans, and upon ARA the altar the Greek initiates had to swear allegiance to Zeus. Among the many myths surrounding the Milky Way, the Armenian one among others of old it was suggests that the Milky way was formed by the smoke which poured out from ARA altar. Greek mythology, Ara represented the altar used by Zeus and other Greek gods to swear a vow of allegiance before they went to war against Cronus and the Titans. According to legends, it is believed the Cyclopes originally built the altar as a place to sacrifice to the Olympian gods. It was also upon this altar that Centaurus the centaur sacrificed Lupus the wolf.
    The orange supergiant Beta Arae, to us its brightest star measured with near-constant apparent magnitude of 2.85, is marginally brighter than blue-white Alpha Arae. Seven star systems are known to host planets. Sunlike Mu Arae hosts four known planets. Gliese 676 is a (gravity-paired) binary red-dwarf system with four known planets.

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