The Battle of Tigranocerta Simulated by Time Commanders BBC

The Battle of Tigranocerta Simulated by Time Commanders BBCTime Commanders is a 2003 – 2005 and 2016 BBC technological game show, which featured simulations of historical battles. Teams of four contestants each directed their armed forces in a strategy computer game. The members of the teams were unfamiliar with computer games, so they didn’t have any advantage in regard to gaming skill.

After an overview of the battle, military units, and terrain, the contestants were to develop a strategy and then make their moves. Each game was analyzed by military specialists who explained how the real battle took place. Battle of Tigranocerta was one of the battles that were simulated during the show.

The Battle of Tigranocerta occurred in 69 BC near Tigranocerta, the capital of Greater Armenia. The battle was fought between Tigranes II the Great of Armenia from one side and Consul Lucius Licinius Lucullus of Rome from the other. The battle ended in Tigranes’ defeat and the seizure of Tigranocerta.

Shortly before the battle, the Third Mithridatic War broke out between the Roman Republic and the Kingdom of Pontus. Cleopatra, the daughter of King of Pontus Mithridates VI, was married to Tigranes. After the beginning of the war, Mithridates fled for shelter to Armenia, leading to the invasion of the country by the troops of the Roman Republic.

During the Battle of Tigranocerta, the Roman forces besieged Tigranocerta. Upon the approach of the large Armenian army, the Roman troops simulated a retreat and moved to the right flank of Tigranes’ army. Then, the Romans defeated the Armenian cataphracts, the base of the Armenian army, weakening the troops and forcing the Armenian army consisting mostly of new recruits and peasants to retreat.

Time Commanders – Battle of Tigranocerta

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