The Boheh Stone, Ireland

The Boheh Stone is a piece of rock art and a National Monument located in County Mayo, Ireland. This stone was later Christianised and called St Patrick’s Chair.

The Boheh Stone is one of the finest examples of Neolithic rock art in Ireland, with many markings in the form of cups, rings, and keyholes; about 250 petroglyphs in total.

Twice a year (April 18 and August 24 by the Gregorian calendar) from a certain point at the Boheh Stone, people, like their ancestors, observe an amazing event: how the sun sets at the summit of Croagh Patrick (7.1 km / 4.4 miles to the west-northwest direction) and rolls down its northern shoulder. To the ancients, of course, this phenomenon seemed a sign or a message.

This truly beautiful sight is associated with the harvest and is a tribute to the Sun, which is asked to have a beneficial effect on the harvest.

The April event is associated with a request for a good harvest, and the August event is associated with gratitude for a good harvest, abundance of food, health, etc. Without a doubt, the Boheh Stone is an exceptional ceremonial place of worship. The petroglyphs on it are 5800 years old.

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