The Byzantine Empire, a State of Armenians and Greeks

The Byzantine Empire, a State of Armenians and GreeksA Canadian scientist Cherenis thinks that the Byzantine Empire of the Macedonian dynasty can be defined as a “Greek-Armenian” power.

“It was “Greek” because its civilization remained Greek and “Armenian” since the element that controlled its fate and provided most of its defensive forces was largely of Armenian origin.

Moreover, it was a role of great historical significance as during this period. The empire achieved the greatest success with its triumphant victories, missionaries spreading the Gospel and with it civilization among the southern Slavs. Its scientists revived the Greek scholarship and thus ensured the preservation of its literature. In this, perhaps, is the most important contribution of Armenians to civilization. ”

It is known that in the loss of the statehood of Armenia, the Byzantine Empire played one of the main roles. The fact of the resettlement of local Armenians with the aim of their assimilation speaks for itself.

What is the value of publications of this kind, which speak about the leading roles of ethnic Armenians in all spheres of activity and administration in the Byzantine Empire, including the highest post of the emperor?

Probably, in the first place is history. The second on the list but as significant are the claims of Russia to the Byzantine Empire, to which Russia considers itself a successor.

The successors of history, culture, and conquered and granted territories can only be Greeks and Armenians. In our opinion, this is the value of such publications. Don’t forget the fact that Russian and other media actively ignores the facts of Armenian participation in the huge contribution to the history of Byzantium.

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