The Heart of Mayan Foothills in Belize is Called Armenia – Armenias in South America

The Heart of Mayan Foothills in Belize is Called ArmeniaDid you know that the heart of Mayan foothills, jungles, and mountain range in Belize is called Armenia? Besides, the cultural region of the Mayan civilization in Honduras is named “Nueva Armenia”, meaning “New Armenia” in Spanish.

In fact, there is a multitude of historical regions in South America called Armenia. As for New Armenia in particular, it received its name from Spanish Christian knights and explorers who arrived in South America in the 16th century.

They thus demonstrated their respect and gratitude towards Armenia. It is thanks to them that the world knows about the sea-to-sea Armenia and Garden of Eden in Armenia. If not for them, those wouldn’t be on so many ancient explorer and Bible maps.

As former British Prime Minister William Gladstone said, “To serve Armenia is to serve civilization.”

Source: Ancient Armenoids

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