The history of Armenia has been written by empires, Opinion

I have a serious question for all my sisters and brothers and I feel that we can start moving forward as a race ONLY if we understand some of the things that I am about to write.

My question is, are Armenians aware that ALMOST everything they have been taught or know about their history has been written by empires that persecuted the first Armenian Church?

So-called “Christian” Armenians labeled the FIRST Armenian-Christians “heretics”. I want Armenians to think about this and hopefully, realize how much time we have wasted as a people.

To make sure this early doctrine of Armenian Christianity did not expand, wealthy Armenians married non-Armenian princesses and eventually formed the Roman-Christian and Byzantine empires.

They then changed the Hayastanian dialect and created a watered-down version for the Latin empire called “Western-Armenian” or as we know it, “Araba-Hye”, because they knew the oldest language in the world is ARMENIAN.

It was this esoteric language that made Armenians intelligent and brought them enlightenment, not their old genetics.

They used to call this language “The language of the angels” in the 16th century or the “Enochian” language. Armenians have been practicing and teaching the Orthodoxy of their ENEMIES (Byzantine) to their Churches and people for centuries, even if Armenian Christianity is MUCH older.

There are no Roman or Greek Kingdoms of ANI, Tatev Monasteries, thousands of ancient Churches, or thousands of Xatchkars like Armenia.

We have accepted the literature of BYZANTINE so-called “scholars” or writers like Agathangelos or Khorenatsi who took lost legends and pieces of Armenian history during the Renaissance period, and mixed it with a version of “Armenian history” that taught Armenians they were inferior slaves and destroyed their heritage.

They taught us that Christ’s bloodline (Mamikonyan) was Mongolian and that we were ruled by Persians, Romans, and Greeks. We NEVER were.

Armenian Kingdoms fought against other Armenian Kingdoms, and even Parthians and Persians were considered to be ARMENIAN TRIBES in the old world.

Eventually, the persecuted Armenian “Christian heretics” were expelled from Armenia and they spread out to Syria, Egypt, Persia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, France, Spain, the Americas, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Polynesia.

These early Armenian Christians carved identical symbols and designs on their ancient Churches that are found on ancient temples all over the world, including in Mayan cities, Japan, Nepal, India, and many parts of the world.

You could say Armenia’s ancient Churches ARE our “Pagan heritage”. That is the whole point.

Dozens of ancient civilizations converted to either Christianity or Islam and they still have dozens to hundreds of ancient “Pagan” structures and heritage in their land.

It is truly embarrassing that in 2022 we still have not exposed the lies that our enemies have written about us.

The Church has BEEN broken and the great schisms continue. There are “Tigranocertas” all over ancient maps from Artsakh to Syria.

This great Armenian King conquered all that land including Jerusalem at one of the most crucial points of human history, and he did not even use Armenian letters. Not a single Tigran coin with Armenian letters?

If that makes sense to Armenians then it makes sense to me why they are so brainwashed, gullible, and lost.

We need to WAKE UP and realize that our enemies have been peer-reviewing literature about Armenian history for CENTURIES, right up until and ESPECIALLY during the Soviet era.

Nations that were created after the 14th Century became successful and needed their heritage and religions, so they hijacked YOURS and wrote fairy tales about Roman, Greek, and Persian empires which never existed until the 15th century.

What better way to DESTROY ARMENIA than to teach their banished people they were satraps and slaves to foreigners? That Armenians invented their alphabet in 301. That Armenians destroyed their heritage. Armenia’s greatest Kings spoke and wrote GREEK.

Have we still not figured all this out yet?


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