The Influence of Ancient Armenians on Early Civilizations

The Influence of Ancient Armenians on Early CivilizationsA professor at Columbia University Boris Moisheson in his 2001 book “Armenoids in Prehistory” in detail describes the Armenians of the ancient world, as well as their influence on the earliest civilizations. He also mentions that the Old Testament tells a story of a branch of Armenians.

Besides, he writes that the Armenoid people mastered metallurgy and trade and were the first to start farming and temple building.

Armenians are also the only people that have their own quarter in the Holy Land Jerusalem, while other Christians, Jews, and Muslims have to share their quarter with each other. Even the tower of David is located in the Armenians’ quarter.

As Boris Moisheson noted, the Armenians have been the first advanced civilization of that region. A number of the greatest archaeologists of the 20th century such as Flinders Petrie, Talbot Rice, and Elliot Smith also wrote that wherever in the world they excavated and dug, there always were Armenian skulls underneath many ancient temples.

Source: Ancient Armenoids

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