The Mysterious Stairway to the Sky – Armenia

The Mysterious Stairway to the Sky - ArmeniaTowering in the canyon of the Arpa River, an isolated rock formation has been long stirring the minds of scientists. An arched bridge leads to the almost 100-meter monolith with steep walls and steps rising to the very top.

The monument is traditionally called the Stairway to the Sky, climbing along which allegedly gives the person prophetic abilities. The steps of this amazing structure are identified with the traces left by the giant Mher during his voluntary imprisonment on the cliff. According to the legend, he split the rock with a sword and entered it.

The technology of laying the steps on a completely vertical wall is still shrouded in a veil of mystery. There is a hypothesis that the Stairway itself is not man-made and was formed as a result of a powerful seismic shock, which split the rock into two parts.

However, this version is faced by the narrow localization of the possible shift as well as an arched bridge at the foot of the rock, which’s sculptural features fully correspond to the staircase.

The population of the surrounding localities, who do not doubt that the monument is man-made, believe that there is an ancient wall on the top of the rock, the ruins of which are seen from below.

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