The Mystery of the Anomaly of the Mount Aragats

The Mystery of the Anomaly of the Mount AragatsArmenian scientists are struggling to solve the secret of the mountain road on the way to Mount Aragats, where the 7th-century Amberd fortress is located. The correspondent of the TV channel “MIR 24” Anna Harutyunyan visited the site and saw everything with her own eyes.

There are legends about this mountain route. On the Internet, you can find dozens of videos with local anomalies. The water here does not flow down but upward. The car without a driver climbs up the mountain itself. All against all laws of physics! It’s hard to believe, but in some places, the car even accelerates.

“It’s just amazing. In addition to the fact that the car itself rolls upward, when I switched to the reverse gear, it did not go down until I hit the gas pedal! It’s just amazing,” driver Garnik Simonyan said.

Six months ago, the physicist Onik Khachatryan and his friend Armen Petrosyan discovered this anomalous zone. During the trip, young people noticed that they drive up the hills too easily. They shot a video and put it on the Internet.

“This phenomenon is associated with gravity. Gravity should be directed towards the Earth’s core, but there are distortions of gravity that we can observe here. This anomalous zone, I think, is connected with the distortion of the gravitational field,” physicist Onik Khachatryan thinks.

Here, the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable even for skeptics. The river flows up at an about 20-degree angle. Besides, after Onik had rolled a water bottle down the asphalt, it made a few rotations, stopped, and started to miraculously roll back up. Some people think that it is just an optical illusion, but now, no one can tell for sure.

Abnormal zones still pose a mystery for scientists. Now, the influence of such zones on human health is being actively investigated. One thing is clear, similar places like this, like a magnet, attract inquisitive people.

Anomalous zone in Armenia H1 TV channel 16.07.2017

Армения:Чудеса на «крыше Армении»׃ загадка горы Арагац Mount Aragats

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