The Secrets of the Famous Water Fountain in Yerevan – 7 Springs

The Secrets of the Famous Water

Do you know the secrets of the most famous pulpulak (a public water fountain) in Yerevan, the pulpulak of “7 springs” on the Republic Square?

This pulpulak was built in the 1960s according to the project of Spartak Kntekhtsyan. The architect was inspired by an old legend telling about heroes drinking water from 7 springs on Mount Aragats to gain strength and courage.

In 2010, the famous pulpulak was restored by the project of the designer and jeweler known as Nur. At the same time, the master hid a lot of secrets in this pulpulak. Here are a few of them:

✅ In the middle of each of the 12 holes, there is one Armenian letter.

✅ You can read the time by the tips of the fountain because they have been designed to serve as a sundial.

✅ If you look closely, you can see the inscription “անուշ լինի” (let it be sweet) in the ornament above the letter “A”.

✅ A cross is drawn in the central part of the pulpulak. In the corners is the inscription “To Yerevan from Yerevan” in 4 languages. The Armenian inscription faces the south, so you can easily navigate north, east, or west.

Source: Armenian Assembly

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