The Traditional Armenian Soup Aveluk – Article of the Smithsonian Institution

The Traditional Armenian Soup AvelukArmenia is rich in edible herbs, which are the essential ingredients of the traditional Armenian cuisine. Aveluk (sorrel soup) is one of them.

The magazine of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington published a thorough article on the soup aveluk. It actually turns out that the soup is not widely known within Armenia itself.

It is a more common dish for the villagers while the most of the people living in the capital, Yerevan, have never even heard of the soup.

Local restaurants do not even offer it in their menus, thinking that it would be safer for their business.

Below, we present you with a descriptive video on the soup aveluk:

Greens: A Short Documentary

Sorrel Soup Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Ավելուկով Ապուր – Sorrel Soup Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show in Armenian

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