Traces of Christianity in the Ancient World

Which Christianity are you willing to believe in, the one that they have hijacked and infected, or the one that has left its traces in the ancient world?

Are you deep enough yet or have you understood that the most ancient Churches in the world (Armenia) have the same architectural designs and symbols carved on them as the ancient Aryan Israelite temples, built on both sides of the Mediterranean? Temples that they have labeled “Hellenistic” or “Greco-Roman” after the Renaissance period.

Have you understood yet what the ancients knew and believed in, and that the same stories of human creation, a deluge, giants, war, betrayal, and evil are being told by ALL ancient civilizations, and documented in the Bible? The 7 spiritual celestial kingdoms are in a battle against Lucifer’s kingdom here on earth.

Why did Christ say “My kingdom is not of this world” if he is God’s son and God created this world? Why are the TRUE Christian sects called “heretics” until this very day by the deceitful empire because they believed in what the ancients taught?

Did they not say that the fallen angel had trapped 3 entities from the celestial kingdoms here on earth in human flesh (African, Aryan, and Asian)? 3 doorways. 3 portals are forever left open until our spirits are set free through Christ.

Are you going to allow them to destroy the truth completely, or you’re able to put the pieces together? Pieces are left on temples built on every continent.

Pieces are left in Armenian Churches. Pieces left in tombs and on ancient stones, and pieces that remain coded in the Bible.

The great pagan lie

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