10 Life Advices From Buddha

10 Life Advices From BuddhaHarmony is a necessary part of the whole world. But can it possibly exist if people aren’t harmonic themselves in the first place? Here are 10 advises from Buddha, which can allow us to reach peace and appeasement.

1. Beginning from low level is normal. Every master has been an amateur. If you are patient and consistent, you will be successful. No one can succeed during a short period of time. Success comes to those who is ready to start from little things and work very hard.

2. Thoughts are material. If a person is being pursued by evil thoughts, he will be in pain. On the other hand, if a person has pure intentions, he will be happy. To live the rightly we need to fill our head with right thoughts. Proper way of thinking will grant us all we wish, while one of wrong kind will destroy us.

3. Forgive. Containing your anger in yourself is the same as grabbing a piece of hot coal to throw at someone else. You will burn before you throw it. When you release someone from your prison of unforgiving you release yourself. Learn to forgive.

4. Your acts are meaningful. You need to act in order to develop. To develop rapidly you need to act on everyday basis. God gives a worm to every bird but doesn’t throw it right in its nest. Buddha once said: “I don’t believe in destiny that falls on those who act, but I believe in one that finds those who are inactive.”

5. Try to understand. We no longer fight for truth, but we started to fight only for ourselves. In the first place try to understand other people and only then demand understanding from them. You have to strive to understand other person’s point of view. Concentrate on being happy, not being right.

6. Conquer yourself. It is better to beat yourself than to triumph in thousands of battles. No one ever will be able to deprive you of such a victory. To defeat yourself you need to control your thoughts. Don’t let them storm in your mind. You might think that you can’t control your mind, that a certain thought comes whenever it likes to. Well, you cannot disallow a bird to fly by you, but you can forbid it to build a nest on your head.

7. Live in harmony. Harmony comes from inside of you. Don’t search for something if you can’t find a place for it in your heart. The truth is that you can only find peace in yourself. Harmony is the same as your world in peace, and that begins with your actions.

8. Be grateful. Don’t be such a pessimist to not be able to realize number of things to be grateful for. If you are ill, be grateful that you are not deceased. Not everybody was able to wake up today. For some people previous night was their very last. There is always something for you to be grateful for.

9. The biggest enemy in life is yourself.
The biggest folly is lie.
The biggest sorrow is envy.
The biggest mistake is to lose yourself.
The biggest guilt is ungratefulness.
The biggest loss is the loss of hope.
The biggest properties are health and reason.
The biggest gift is generosity.
The biggest deficiency is Incomprehension.
The biggest consolation is being kind.
The most regrettable thing is derogation of your dignity.
The most admirable thing is rising after a fall.

10. One of the most useful skills in life is the ability to forget negative things. Do not drag rubbish into your soul. Do not keep such memories and thought that will pull you backwards and won’t let you develop. What has happened is irreversible, so there is no point in regrets. Just make conclusions and continue your way.

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