Body Tricks Most People Can’t Do

Body Tricks Most People Can’t DoHuman body is one of the diverse and mind-blowingly complicated masterpieces of evolution. Despite its uniqueness, we do not have a complete control over our body. At least, most of us, although we do not even need features listed below. Those can be just interesting attributes and might give you no benefit whatsoever.

1. Wiggling your ears – Unlike most facial muscles, ear muscles have their own accessory nucleus in the brainstem. Animals use ear muscles to turn their ears towards the sources of sounds. That is common for mammals like cats, dogs, horses and others. Human’s ear muscle is smaller and can’t move the whole ear as such function isn’t needed, so those people who can slightly move their ears have no use for it except having fun.

1. Wiggling your ears

2. Raising one eyebrow – Everyone can raise their both eyebrows, but did you know that only small portion of the population can raise one at a time?
Ability to raise only one eyebrow is just an additional element of gesture, but it can give you a more emphatic way to express your emotions

2. Raising one eyebrow

3. Tongue tricks – Approximately 25 percent of the population can roll their tongues, but not many are can fold it backwards or make shapes like a spaceship or a clover. These kind of tricks are certainly impressive, but be careful or you might just injure your tongue badly.

3. Tongue tricks

4. Tickling yourself – We all have friends who love to tickle us. Being tickled is one of the most vulnerable states we can find ourselves in, but self-inflicted tickling is impossible, so no solo tickling for you. It is thought that the tickling requires a certain amount of surprise, and because tickling oneself produces no unexpected motion on the skin, the response is not activated, and the reason for it is an area in our hindbrain called cerebellum. The cerebellum’s role is to monitor our movements, and it can predict sensation caused by our movement and so “blocking” it for us.

4. Tickling yourself

5. Licking your elbow – This one is another crazy trick which involves an elbow and a tongue. It can be learned by following some techniques, but it also requires you to be blessed with short upper arms or maybe with an abnormally long tongue. Of course, you can still try this when nobody is around.

5. Licking your elbow

6. Twitching your nose – Another cute trait not many people may have. Twitching or flaring the nose can seem quite difficult for most of us. An iconic character from Bewitched, Samantha Stephens had the ability to twitch or wiggle her nose. Although, the actress Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha, was not very fond of it. Everyone might get tired of people constantly asking them to do this trick.

6. Twitching your nose

7. Touching your nose or chin with your tongue – We bet this trick seems nothing to Gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss, who can probably do both. You will be able to do this if you have one either long or flexible tongue. By the way, if your tongue is flexible, doing most of the tricks will be easy for you.

7. Touching your nose or chin with your tongue

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