Lunar Phases Affect Birthrate?

Lunar Phases Affect BirthrateIt is emphasized by some researches that the Moon influences not only tides, ebb and atmospheric pressure, but also a number of biological factors. It was recently revealed that the Earth’s satellite also affects the biosphere.

Japanese scientists came to a conclusion that the Moon has impact on birthrate. They conducted a study on cows and found out that the birthrate of calves directly depends on the Earth’s satellite. This was reported by Planet Today with reference to the publication of PLoS One.

Сo-worker of Tokyo University Tomohiro Yonezawa, who is the head of the research group, thinks that veterinary sciences often become some kind of testing ground for researches concerning human organism.

He noted that, in particular, the phenomenon of dependence of childbirth on the phases of the Moon can apply to humans, but added that it is too early to draw such conclusions. According to him, in any case, the very fact of this dependence is extremely interesting.

It is worth mentioning that some nations, such as Armenians, in antiquity timed their weddings with dates when the Sun was on the apex of ecliptic (Sun’s path on the celestial sphere). It might have had something to do with some associations of maybe energy spikes or superstitions, when “nature was on its peak”, or might have been accidental altogether. Though it represents some interesting resemblance with phases of Moon which might even turn out to actually mean something.

By Valeriya Oganova

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