Misbeliefs of school

Misbeliefs of schoolOke’y every one, take your seats class has started. Open your books, it’s time to do some exercises. So school started. There is nothing bad in wanting it to end sooner. Everyone says that education is important, not going to lie, it is. But have you ever thought that things we study are not always true? You’ll be surprised, but hey, I was too.

And I think most of you would like to hear about it. Now we’ll discuss following statements:

1.More homework=higher grades- It is believed that more homework means good grades, but what people might not know about is that it can get problematic for some students as much as for teachers. More work means more stressing out about progress.

2.The friends you make in High School are friends for life- In some cases it is true, but not for most, because not every person has similar dream of profession as you. But do not fret! You will find many other people who would like to be friends with you. So cheer up and continue approaching new people!

3.The smaller the class the better the education- Actually, no. The teacher is the most important aspect in learning. They just need to be well educated.

4.Student grades have gotten worse in North America- according to the information it is not true. Students in north part of America have high grades.

5.Zero-tolerance school are safer- Not really, because most of the time this kind of school can easily traumatize its students. The children will be afraid of punishment which will only cause them to get nervous and they will make more mistakes in statement like that.

6.Studetns education comes mostly from school- Most information the children receive from surrounding environment. We perceive it every day by just going outside, as well as the other activities. Its quality and quantity depends on family members, neighbors and classmates, so the effect will be corresponding.

7.High School years are the best years of your life- High School years are not the only time you can call best. Students can’t judge about whole book by just reading its first chapter. Graduation opens a new world before you, so why not explore it?

Although I know there are many people who would like to not hear about school anymore, I hope you liked the information presented to you.

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