Purpose of casual things we didn’t know

Purpose of casual things we didn’t knowWe all use different things to which we get used quite fast. But have you ever thought of what are some of them really used for?

  1. Soda Can Tabs – soda can tabs are used not for only opening the cans. Have you ever paid attention to the hole on it? You may think it is there for better grip. Actually, it is a straw holder, and straws hold there pretty well. Remember this, when trying to impress a girl or a guy.Soda Can Tabs
  2. Takeout boxes – takeout boxes, that we usually get Chinese or Japanese food in, are great products not only on the matter of design, but also in use. It is hard for some people to use it as it is, and a plate would come in handy. Well, did you know that takeout boxes can unfold and become a plate? It is done by just removing the glue or the metal wire, so you can enjoy your meal.Takeout boxes
  3. Little holes in airplane windows – Whenever we seat close to a window in an airplane, we can see a little, perfectly shaped hole in the glass. You don’t need to panic, as there is an explanation to that. These windows are made of superstrong synthetic resin. Most of the windows in a plane consist of outer, middle and inner panes. The hole has a purpose of regulating pressure, and without it the outer part will be damaged.Little holes in airplane windows
  4. Small pockets on jeans – Some of us assumed that small pockets on our jeans were just a design choice. In the 19th century cowboys used them for their pocket watches. The little pocket was also used as a holder for gold nuggets in the time of Gold Rush, coins, tickets and trifle like that.Small pockets on jeans
  5. Holes in pens and pen caps – You might have noticed little holes on a cap of a pen when chewing it. The reason for such construction is to create a passage for air in case of swallowing it, so one literally doesn’t asphyxiate. What about the little hole on the pen? It is there to regulate pressure inside the pen, or it won’t work. In some countries weather conditions can even make pens blow up.Holes in pens and pen caps
  1. Blue tip of an eraser – Have you ever torn a paper trying to erase pen marks with an eraser’s blue tip, thinking it was made for that? Well, the blue tip of an eraser is actually not for erasing pen marks. The pink tip erases the pencil on light grades of paper and, unlike the blue one, is soft. So the blue part, instead, is used to erase pencil marks on grainy art paper, which would be different with the pink one.Blue tip of an eraser
  1. Bumps between tire treads – Besides other functions, little bumps on tires have a purpose of marking the condition of a tire by showing depth of the treads. So when the tire treads wear down, you better replace your tires, because it is not only dangerous on road, but also is illegal in some countries and states.Bumps between tire treads

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