The Selfie Enthusiasm

The Selfie EnthusiasmFor a long period of time selfies have been one of the most popular phenomenon of the Internet. The ease with which we can take photos with smartphones and some additional devices, like selfie sticks, gave it additional boost. It is so popular nowadays that it is even being blamed for many accidents, like it has been with videogames.

An interview with psychologists from the University Ludwig – Maximillian of Munich revealed that people are very fond of watching their own selfies, but they look at strangers’ either with no desire or do not look at all.

82% of respondents believe that there is an excessive amount of selfies on the Internet. Most of the them consider it to be more of a manifestation of self-advertisement and falsity. Moreover, respondents perceive their own images more self-critical and sincere.

According to the latest research on selfies done by Google, in 2014 the inhabitants of the planet took more than 90 million selfies. Now this number is much larger without a doubt.

People still wonder what influence the craze of the phenomenon of selfie had on our culture. Some consider selfies to be a way of creative self-expression or an opportunity to get in touch with other people. Others take it as a vivid mark of narcissism in neglected form.

Doctors, psychologists and some specialists believe that selfies with time might lead to frustration of the psyche and completely absorb the personality of the individual. The fact that some people just seek attention by posting selfies in certain way proves that assumption.

It is interesting that most of the respondents agree with the idea that this hobby can lead to undesirable consequences. Various accidents which had occurred while taking selfies have been reported.

Most likely the reason for those has been loss of attention towards the environment. Nevertheless, some people continue to take selfies in places they shouldn’t. Selfies might be a new kind of self-portrait and have ups and downs, so you’ll have to be careful taking those.

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