Top Controversially Banned Cartoons

Top Controversially Banned CartoonsCartoons are kind of art loved all around the world, mostly by children, though adults might love them even more. But not all cartoons are meant for children as there are some of them featuring rude humor, debates on serious topics or even violence.

There are some cartoons that can be easily considered inappropriate, even for adults. Those can be debatable, they can make no sense at all. No matter what, pieces considered intolerable are banned in numerous countries for various reasons, be it extreme violence, sexual nature or profanity. So, hereby we present you examples of such banned cartoons.

1. Family Guy, “Abortion”– This show is known for its offensive content, but one episode straight up crossed the line. The episode “Abortion” features Lois becoming a surrogate mother for a friend. After that friend had been killed, Lois and Peter debate on whether they should abort the baby or give him up for adoption. The subject of abortion is very touchy not only in US, but also in many other countries.

Family Guy, “Abortion”

2. Pokemon, “Computer Soldier Porygon” – This episode was considered more dangerous for health than offensive. It aired in 1997 and featured scenes with intense flashing lights which caused dizziness, nausea and even losing consciousness. According to Japan’s Fire Defense Agency, over 600 people were taken to hospital, 2 of whom remained there for weeks.

2. Pokemon, “Computer Soldier Porygon”

3. Dexter’s Laboratory, “Dial M For Monkey” – This episode featured a character named Silver Spooner, who looked like Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four, but with a little twist. There are two reasons for the episode being banned. Firstly, Silver Spooner embodied a number of homosexual stereotypes. Secondly, a Justice Friends character, who looks like Hulk, drinks alcohol and eventually throws up. The episode was banned in several countries including England, Canada and America.


4. Cow & Chicken, “Buffalo Gals” – This was an episode featuring biker chicks filled with lesbian innuendos, who liked to randomly break into people’s homes and chew their carpets. Although, that moment itself wasn’t that weird, and show already had an odd humor, so it wasn’t too big of a problem. But later, at a softball match, the Buffalo Gals talked about pitching and catching, clearly referencing sex.

Cow & Chicken, “Buffalo Gals”

5. Tiny Toon, “One Beer”– This was generally kids show, but this episode crossed the line. It shows toons drinking beer and getting themselves so drunk that they end up stealing a car and driving it around. But authors of the show thought it would be a good idea to teach 3 years old kids a lesson. So, the episode ends with them driving off a cliff to their deaths.

Tiny Toon, “One Beer”

6. Popetown – The story follows a man with mental maturity of a four years old and his handler Father Nicholas. The show involves sexual nature, corruption and greed. Only 10 episodes were produced, but it offended people so much that it isn’t available even on DVD in most countries. The Roman Catholics stepped in, and by their demand the show was banned the at the very minute of its world premiere.


7. “Song of the South” – Directed by Disney, this was a live-action animation movie based on the tales of the fictional Uncle Remus. Despite its extremely well known song “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah”, this post- Civil War South movie featured slaves happily enjoying their duties and idyllic master-slave relationships, as if those were a good thing.

“Song of the South”

8. Pokemon, “Beauty and the Beach” – Here female characters participate in a beauty contest. It may seem normal at first, but James of team Rockets also participates in the contest, wearing inflatable breasts. He taunts Misty by shaking his breasts in her face, saying: “Maybe when you’re older, you’ll have a chest like this.”

Pokemon, “Beauty and the Beach”

9. The Simpsons, “Cartridge Family” – The episode was generally deemed inappropriate as it featured firearms. But, for example, in Venezuela and Russia it was banned for other reasons: “It promotes violence, cruelty, pornography, mayhem, physical and ethical suffering, and also invokes fear, panic and terror in children.” Though The Simpsons can’t be considered as a show exactly for children in the first place.

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