Wintergatan: Marble Machine

Wintergatan: Marble MachineInternet houses spectacular things. There you can find anything you want. Maybe you are interested in music, art, or want to gather some knowledge, it is there for you to see. But sometimes you find some greatly impressive things.

A musical instrument called Marble Machine constructed by Swedish musical group Wintergatan is one of them. It truly can be considered a piece of art. It is basically a handmade music box which powers kick drum, bass and some other musical instruments using a hand crank and marble balls.

The machine has tracks, pulleys and funnels to reroute and collect those marble balls. Marble machines have a long story as an art entity by themselves, but this one is indeed a gorgeous creation.
The construction of this splendor took fourteen months.

Besides being somewhat old-fashioned musical instrument it can cooperate with modern computer software.

Wintergatan: Marble Machine

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