Birth of Arius – The Holy Traditions of Ararat

Birth of Arius

Once, Mother of Gods Anahit was walking around Ararat. The sun was setting behind the mountains and was gathering its rays. But one small ray was in no hurry to leave Ararat. Playing with flowers, it did not notice the setting of the Sun and forgot that it was time for sleep.

Suddenly, the Sun rose again from behind the mountains and began to run through the sky in search of its ray. It found it, hugged it, and kissed it with insatiable tenderness, shedding happy tears.

Mother of Gods Anahit watched this with sadness. She went to Ar.

“What happened, Mother of Gods?” asked Ar.

Anahit answered:

“Oh, Great Creator, I’m happy that I’m the Mother of Immortal Gods, that my children are rulers of the universe, that they are eternal and omnipotent. Everything is perfect. But my motherhood is not.

“What is missing from your motherhood?” asked Ar.

“Suffering,” Anahit said, “Yes, suffering. What is motherhood without suffering and without pain?”

“What do you want?”

“I want true motherhood, I want to experience birth pangs, I want to give birth with pain, I want to cherish my son with hearty yearning, dream, mentally lose him, seek, mourn for him, tremble with fright, and then find him, cling to his chest, pour happy tears into his hair, and smile… I want to give birth to the Earth god so that he always lives on Earth and always needs maternal care.”

Father Ar smiled and said:

“Your desire is pleasant to me. I will create an Earth god. He will always live on Earth and want maternal care. But know that he will not be immortal. He will have children, grandchildren. And motherhood will be the covenant of earthly life. And you yourself will give all mothers the divine gift of motherhood – the ability to be happy in suffering.”

And Ar gathered one bunch of all the pains of the world, a bunch of all loves, a handful of all emotions, the most disturbing of dreams, a sea of illusions, and created Anahit’s Motherhood.

In the Earth cradle created by the gods, in agony and suffering, Anahit gave birth to a beautiful child – a child strong, healthy, sunny, radiant.

Father Ar hugged the baby, admired him, and said:

“This child is my first Ayg (fiery) creation on Earth. And may he bear my name as the son of Ar and be called Arius. May Ayg Arius live in Ararat together with the Immortal Gods as the Earth god. But he will not be immortal like other gods.

He will affirm time with his life because time is expectation. Arius will always wait and, in eternal expectation, grow old and die. But death will not be the end. Its infinity lies in the unity of life and death. He will die but will be born again – in the grandson of his grandson. So, continuously dying and being born, he will be immortal like all his offspring.”

Arius would grow up in the lush flowering of Ararat, bathe in the transparent lakes and fast mountain rivers, climb the mountains of Ararat pointed into the sky, and play with eagles. He would rest in the shadow of the Life-giving Tree, and the Life-giving Tree with the gentle rustle of its leaves would inform him of divine truths.

And since Arius was not as powerful as his brothers, the Immortal Gods, Mother Anahit would constantly watch him whether when he was asleep or awake. She would not take her eyes off him when he swam or climbed the steeps and would cherish him in every possible way. She would cover him at night with her divine drape so that he would not catch a cold, and she would sing lullabies and send him pleasant dreams.

The gods loved Arius, enjoyed playing with him, and patronized him. And Arius would grow up healthy, strong, cheerful, and playful.

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