Light and Darkness – The Holy Traditions of Ararat

Light and Darkness

The gods ruled the universe. Everyone did their job. Then, everyone would gather on Earth, on Ararat, to have fun, to enjoy divine pleasures seasoned with grape wine. In these feasts would also take part Arius, the gods’ earthly brother.

Frisky and cheerful was Arius. He loved the gods, and the gods loved him. The drunk gods were amusing. And once, baby Arius decided to play a trick on them.

He directed the rays of the sun into the eyes of the drunken gods. They tried to protect themselves from the sun, and Arius laughed merrily. When the gods sobered up, they joined the game started by Arius.

Only Vishap (Dragon) was annoyed. Although he was a god, he was weak with his eyes. He was angry with the Sun but even more so with Arius who dared to laugh at the Immortal Gods. After all, the gods lit the light of the Sun, and Arius existed thanks to its life-giving warmth.

Vishap was very drunk – his mind went dark, and only passion and rage controlled this formidable god. He furiously attacked Arius, ready to tear him to pieces.

Arius was surprised that his innocent joke infuriated Vishap. But when he realized that Vishap could indeed tear him to pieces, he strained all his strength to defend himself.

Vishap attacked, hissing and sprinkling poisonous saliva. Arius defended himself with all the strength of his powerful fists. After all, he was a god, although earthly.

Vishap was mighty, and in anger, he mercilessly spoiled the trees of Ararat, trampled animals, and killed birds. Mihr (Mithra) intervened, trying to end the skirmish and reconcile the gods, but Vishap pushed him away with all his strength.

The intervention of other gods also failed. Vishap was getting close to defeating Arius. After all, Vishap was an immortal god, while Arius, although a god, was mortal and was inferior to Vishap in power. And Mihr realized that justice could be affirmed only by the power of Vahagn.

At that time, Vahagn was walking in the distant cosmic gardens with the beautiful Astghik. Vahagn was in bliss and wasn’t aware of what was happening on Earth. But Mihr found Vahagn and addressed him:

“Oh Vahagn, Vishap is destroying Ararat and is going to kill our brother Arius, hurry to his rescue!”

Vahagn hastened to Earth. He stood before the furious Vishap:

“Stop, Vishap, sober up, restrain your anger. You are mercilessly beating your brother and destroying, defiling of Ararat.”

Vishap hissed back:

“I hate this Earth god – he is not perfect but sits at the table with the Immortal Gods. The imperfect cannot be the brother of the perfect. I will kill him.”

Vahagn responded angrily:

“Arius is my brother, and he is perfect as an Earth god. And by the will of Father Ar, I will protect him.”

And the two gods clashed in a fight. This grandiose battle took place between Vahagn and Vishap right in Ararat.

The Earth shuddered from their blows, and the bottomlessness of the universe echoed with each their movement. They fought for a long time. The gods watched their duel with horror. Only Father Ar calmly observed from above, pondering his decision.

Finally, Vishap retreated. Vahagn won. But Ar summoned the rivals and forbade them to meet in the future so that their fights would not last forever.

And Ar appointed Vahagn the lord of light and Vishap the lord of darkness. Vishap no longer appeared on Ararat since Vahagn was there, maintaining its brightness. Vishap conceived hatred of Vahagn, and he hated the Sun and Arius. Sometimes, he would come down from Heaven to Earth, hide in the steppe sands, and hiss viciously towards Ararat.

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