Lilith – The Holy Traditions of Ararat

Lilith – The Holy Traditions of Ararat

Arius matured and became a healthy, strong, and cheerful young man. But at times, some kind of longing took possession of him. This did not escape Mother Anahit’s attention, and she told Father Ar about it:

“Oh, the Highest Creator, your son Arius is already ripe for love.”

And Ar took the fire of the earth and out of its flame created Lilith.

Lilith was a playful, life-full girl. She would walk through the fragrant valleys of Ararat, drink water from cold mountain streams, and listen to the charming singing of nightingales. Lilith was beautiful, and everything around her was beautiful. And she was happy that she was living, happy that she was surrounded by miracles. She perceived herself as a miracle.

One evening, Lilith, sitting near a cold spring and listening to its crystal gurgling, glanced at the sky of Ararat. Clusters of stars hanging above filled her heart with a mysterious desire. And Lilith, drunken by the view of the sky, fell asleep on the grasses. In the morning, she was awakened by the nightingale’s love songs.

Lilith opened her eyes and saw an unfamiliar but beautiful individual. It was Arius who had stood all night, admiring her. In the night darkness, Lilith’s face had been radiating light, illuminating everything around. The fiery Lilith had lit a fire in the heart of the young man.

Lilith got up and admired Arius. His radiant face and burning eyes captivated her. She smiled, and from her smile, all the flowers around as if came to life.

“Who are you, beautiful girl?” Arius asked excitedly.

“I am Lilith,” she said gently, “The Creator made me out of the fire. Who are you?”

“I am Arius, son of Ar and the first Earth god.”

Arius was happy, and Lilith was happy as well.

Holding hands, the young lovers had a walk around Ararat. Everything was perfect, and Lilith was delighted, especially sensing the hand of Arius in hers.

“How wonderful everything is in Ararat!” Lilith repeatedly exclaimed, and Arius confirmed her words with a smile.

But one time, Lilith smiled mysteriously and asked:

“Oh Earth god, tell me, am I also beautiful among all these miracles?”

Arius’ heart full of love as if itself answered:

“Oh, you are the queen of all the beauties, you are the decoration of Ararat. Only the Immortal Goddess is worthy of your beauty.”

Lilith was flattered.

Thereafter, she would often ask the same question, forcing Arius to say more and more praises in her address. Lilith believed that she was the most beautiful in Ararat, and she wanted to see herself with her own eyes.

Arius led Lilith to a transparent mountain lake. Lilith knelt down, saw her reflection, and became convinced of her beauty. She could not take her eyes off the reflection of her face. Lilith saw that the sun was not as bright as the fire of her eyes, and the sky was not as bottomless as her eyes’ depth.

She was the most perfect, and the lake and the entirety of Ararat were illuminated by the light emanating from her face.

And at that moment, insatiable vanity prevailed over love. She smiled smugly.

Suddenly, she saw Arius’ face on the surface of the water next to her reflection, whom she completely forgot about while admiring herself. She quickly got up from her knees, and her eyes flashed angrily.

“What excited your gentle soul?” Arius asked in surprise.

“Your stupidity,” Lilith answered angrily, “You do not value my beauty, you insulted me by mixing your reflection with mine!”

“You are beautiful, Lilith,” said the distressed Arius, “But your beauty does not belong to you. Your beauty has a master, and this master is me.”

“I am the most beautiful in Ararat,” Lilith protested proudly, “And all that exists is to emphasize my beauty. I am the most perfect, I am the queen of all the beautiful. And you must bow to my beauty.”

And Lilith, with her imperious fiery gaze, tried to suppress Aria, but when their eyes met, Lilith became frightened. She felt that an enormous, terrible power was coming from Arius, and she sensed that he was able to curb her pride and nullify all her dreams.

And, terrified by the power of Arius, Lilith ran away to save the illusion of her perfect beauty.

Lilith would run for a very long time, mercilessly stamping flowers and breaking trees. She would no longer notice their beauty and would not spare them.

Finally, Lilith ran into the kingdom of darkness where Vishap was the ruler.

“Beautiful Lilith,” she heard Vishap’s voice, “Only in my kingdom will your beauty be appreciated.”

Lilith’s pride was flattered, and she followed Vishap. He led her to the Titan and, turning to him, said:

“Here is your girlfriend – the beautiful Lilith. Look at each other, love each other. Be fruitful and multiply. And you, Titan, although you are the ruler of this desert, obey Lilith in everything, for she is your mistress.”

Lilith carefully looked at Titan, and the smell of clay hit her nose. She felt a heavy, earthy look on herself.

The Titan realized that his heart forever belonged to Lilith. And he, gently taking her hand, said:

“Oh, beautiful of the beautiful, in this kingdom, everything will serve your beauty. You are my mistress and the mistress of the whole kingdom of darkness.”

Thorny bushes and grasses would bow before her beauty. In the hiss of snakes and the rustle of scorpions, she would hear songs in her honor. And the Titan would serve her with the greatest fidelity, fulfilling her every desire.

But the smell of clay emitting from the Titan depressed Lilith. She shuddered at his every touch. And even the dazzling brilliance of diamonds and pearls could not suppress the disgust that she felt in the arms of the Titan. And the coveted role of the mistress soon began to pressurize her like a heavy burden.

Repentance and regret burned her soul. Wasn’t it better to be a servant of light than a mistress of darkness? Was it not more pleasant to obey the Earth god than to command the Titan made of clay? And tears flowed from her eyes.

The Titan noticed that Lilith wouldn’t honor his boundless devotion even with a faint smile. He felt that she did not belong to him. And that drove him into despair.

And once Lilith, in order to avoid the exhausting, bloody kisses of Titan, slipped out of his arms, ran out of the house, and disappeared into the darkness of the night. She wouldn’t come back.

The Titan was devastated. Cursing gods and immortality, he dreamed of death. Vishap realized that Lilith had left irrevocably, and he felt pity for the Titan.

By the will of the Creator, Vishap put the Titan to sleep and created a new girlfriend for him from his rib. She was named Eve, and by virtue of her origin, she would be submissive to the Titan. She could only love him and help him multiply his family.

Lilith returned to Ararat and immediately saw the indescribable beauty reigning there. She went to Arius.

He was sitting under the Life-Giving Tree, immersed in himself. The appearance of Lilith was a surprise to him. He looked at her silently.

“Oh, Earth god,” Lilith said with a mixed feeling of regret and pride, “My beauty is worthy only of you.”

Arius silently took her hand and led her to that mountain lake in which she had first seen herself. Lilith bent over the water, saw her reflection, and was horrified – her beautiful appearance had changed beyond recognition, her eyes had faded, her lips had turned blue, her former radiance had disappeared, and her appearance no longer corresponded to the beauty of the surrounding nature.

“What happened to me?” with a shudder asked Lilith, “I have been flaming!”

Arius mockingly said:

“Yes, you have been flaming. But fire can be ignited only by love. Your fire has gone out here when your love died. Pride and vanity have put out your fire.”

Lilith covered her face with shame and ran into the mountains, not wanting to appear even to animals. She was bitter, she regretted what she had done, and this regret gave birth to her dislike of all beauty.

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