Mothers of Night – Gisheramayrer – Armenian Mythology

Mothers of Night – Gisheramayrer – Armenian MythologyIn Armenian mythology, the personifications of the night darkness are evil witches with snakes in their hands, haunting the sun from the day of the creation of the world.

In the evening, Gisheramayrer rise up from within the mountains to the surface to catch the sun, but alas, it’s already sunset.

Then, they all start to blow, covering the world with darkness. They start to look for the sun in the forest, in the mountains, in the villages.

Not finding it, through the destroyed mills and dried springs, they descend to the ground and continue their search there.

As soon as they descend, the sun rises in the east. If Gisheramayrer could see the sun, all people would perish, and the earth would become covered with darkness.

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