Perpetuation – The Holy Traditions Of Ararat

The Creator has established a constant sequence in Nature, a change in natural periods so that Nature can be eternally renewed, refreshed, and thereby ensures its eternal existence. The natural period established on the Earth by the Creator was called the Year.

On the earth, every period – the year – began with spring’s first attempts, when the snow melted, the soil was moistened, and new sprouts of life rose from its chest. Spring on Earth was the beginning of the New Year.

In Space, each period began with the attempts of Cosmic Spring which on Earth manifested itself in the form of a World Flood that flooded the Relative Land of the Earth.

And life on Earth at this time was concentrated near its roots, in the Life-Giving Zone located at a high altitude and protected from water by mountain ranges stretching from west to east.

The Life-Giving Zone was the Eternal Land of the Earth. In the zone of Eternal Land, there was also the Cradle of Earth Gods (Aryans), Ararat. And in the first attempts of Cosmic Spring, the Son of Ar Vahagn was born in Ararat to patronize and lead the Aryan clan that originated from Ar.

The birth of Vahagn marked the beginning of the New Cosmic Year. The birth of Vahagn commenced a new life on Earth, a new heritage. And in Ararat, new year reckoning began.

In Ararat, only the strong survived the Flood. And from the strong, the strong were born. And the Aryans lived as Earth Gods. The Aryans were pious, followed the covenants of the Immortal Gods, and offered sacrifices to them. And the Immortal Gods patronized them.

The Aryans were happy and healthy. They did not know what disease and impotent old age were – they have always been strong. And death, completing their long life, seemed like a calm, quiet dream.

The Cosmic Spring Aryans were full of vitality. They loved life but were not afraid of death because they believed in their immortality which was affirmed by the endless generational change.

Cosmic Spring was followed by Cosmic Summer. Water on Earth receded, forming glaciers at the poles. And gradually, Relative Land opened. And the resettlement groups from the Aryan clan settled on new lands. Their ancestors, their tribal qualities, their tribal values, and traditions and customs belonged to Ararat… And they took all this away with them and on new lands created new branches of their tribal tree.

These kindred groups became the founders of the Aryan Azgs (peoples) and next to the Father’s Hearth laid down their Pagan Houses. And all these numerous Aryan Azgs – the branches of one tree, its relatives – fed from the same Root and used the fire of the Father’s Hearth.

And the Aryan Pagans were healthy insofar as they were fed from their Root, felt their Root in Ararat, and through it were connected with Father Ar and the Immortal Gods.

But Autumn then came. Water receded, exposing all-new lands, and there was no more water.

Vishap descended to Earth, collected water from the poles, and froze it. The lack of water was especially felt on the Relative Land away from Ararat. Life became harder. And Vishap demanded sacrifices for water, and not just any sacrifice but a sacrifice of Aryans. And the Aryans would sacrifice each other.

The Aryan Azgs would kill each other and quench Vishap’s insatiable hunger with the blood of their brothers. And the divine power of the Aryans decreased. And wars would become more and more cruel and bloody.

The Aryan Azgs would forget their Gods and begin to worship Vishap for a sip of water. And the Charias would become more powerful – they didn’t feel the lack of water because they were children of the desert, and the Vishap patronized them.

The Aryan Azgs spiritually moved away from Ararat. They would no longer feed on their Roots, observe tribal customs, and they would lose their tribal guise. And they would lose their generic qualities like trees lose their leaves during fall.

And the closer Winter approached, the stronger the north and south winds blew in Ararat. And the hordes of the Charias surrounded Ararat from all sides. The Aryans of Ararat fought bravely. Their patron was the God of power and might of Vahagn, and their blows were mighty and crushing.

But Winter came, the relative death of the Earth. Vishap with a terrifying howl scampered around the Earth. And the Charias under the auspices of Vishap defeated the weakened Aryans. And the Aryans outside Ararat became the servants of Vishap.

Forgetting their Aryan origin, estranged from their roots, intoxicated with the drug of deadly religions, they would wander in deep oblivion. And their feelings would dull, their creativity would be replaced with the desire of defilement. Having become brutal, they defiled themselves and betrayed themselves and their Ararat.

In the meantime, the Charias were destroying not the Aryans but their creators themselves. They were aimed at cutting the root of the Aryans clan, and the Aryan Azgs were helping them.

The Aryans in Ararat would fight for a long time against all the Charias, shed blood, receive injuries, fall, and get resurrected again… And although they were the Root of the Family, although they had the power of Vahagn, how long could they withstand the onslaught of wild tribes?

Ararat was alone against the whole world. And they would have fought more, they would have defended themselves from defilers, but how to defend themselves from their own kind, from the Aryan Azgs?

And Ararat became corrupted. The Aryans betrayed Father Ar, betrayed Vahagn… And the Gods could no longer help the Aryans because the Gods were strong in their faith. The Gods withdrew from Ararat, and the deadly Vishap would settle there victoriously.

And precisely from the time when the Aryans abandoned their Gods, grief and debilitating troubles have accompanied them. Their former power disappeared, love disappeared, the passion for creation disappeared.

Children would no longer venerate their parents, a friend would betray a friend, there would be no love between brothers, the woman would betray her essence and betray her life! The Aryans would ruin their cities with their own hands, destroy temples, and desecrate the memory of their ancestors.

Vishap would dominate everywhere, and his servants would be the leaders of the people. And only the painful sufferings would remain with Aryans, and they no longer had protection against evil. The Deadly Winter was on Earth and in Ararat. Its cold chained Aryan souls and thoughts.

But after Winter, Spring should come.

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