The Earthborn Titan – The Holy Traditions of Ararat

The Earthborn Titan

Vishap was alone in both Heaven and Earth. There was darkness all around, and he was the only ruler of this darkness. At first, he was pleased because he was the absolute ruler of the kingdom of darkness. But then, he became weighed down by his position.

Yes, he was an absolute ruler, but who ruled him, who worshiped him, who made sacrifices to him?

And Vishap fell into melancholy. He often descended to Earth and from afar watched Ararat where birds were flying, animals were running, and trees and grass were growing.

He envied the other gods who were having fun in nature and playing with Arius. And he was alone – there was nobody with whom he could play, talk, whom he could patronize.

It was for this reason that Vishap was even more angry with Arius because his existence pleased the gods and emphasized the misfortune of Vishap. But what if Arius didn’t exist or if Vishap had someone like him?

And Vishap turned to Ar:

“Oh, my Father, I am alone, and my life is flowing sadly. There is life in Ararat, and there is Arius who pleases the gods. Grant me an Arius like him so that I patronize him. After all, even the lord of darkness has a need for joy.”

“I will fulfill your wish,” Ar said, “Spread your fetid breath around, and the desert will come to life. Then, mix the steppe clay with water from the Iordokh River and build a clay figure similar to Arius.

Blow on it, and it will come to life. But know that this creature created from the earth will only resemble Arius outwardly. It will not be a god because it will not be created by the Creator. It will be a titan. And his name will be Charius, not Arius.”

Satisfied Vishap returned to Earth. He spread his fetid breath around, and spiky bushes and grasses grew on the steppe sands. Many scorpions, snakes, and lizards appeared, reviving the deserted steppe.

Then, Vishap kneaded the steppe clay with water from the Iordokh River and molded the figure of titan Charius, blew it on it, and it came to life.

Vishap rejoiced – the kingdom of darkness found its life and its man. Vishap admired the titan. He would take care of him and tirelessly instruct:

“You will grow up, mature, you will have offspring, and you will spread my dominion to the whole Earth, and relying on my power, you will destroy the clan of Arius in Ararat and cover Ararat with darkness so that I will be sovereign there too.”

And Charius would accumulate in himself powerful malice and hatred for god Arius living in Ararat. He would always dream of conquering Ararat and making it subject to Vishap.

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