The Legacy of Hayk: Tracing the Ancestral Roots of Armenia

The history of Armenia, rich in myths and legends, is deeply intertwined with the story of Hayk, the revered patriarch of the Armenian nation. This article delves into the lineage of Hayk, tracing the succession of his descendants and the significant contributions they made to the Armenian heritage, culture, and geography.

Hayk’s Succession: From Armenak to Aramais

Following Hayk, the founder of the Armenian nation, his son Armenak succeeded him. The continuation of Hayk’s legacy through Armenak set the stage for a lineage that would shape the course of Armenian history. Armenak’s successor, Aramais, furthered this legacy with notable achievements.

Aramais and the Founding of Aramavir

Aramais, a pivotal figure in Armenian history, is renowned for building the town of Aramavir. This town, evolving over time, became known as Armavir, a name that resonates with historical significance in Armenian culture. The establishment of Armavir marked a significant moment in the development of the early Armenian state.

Shara: The Gluttonous Son and the Land of Shirak

Aramais had a son named Shara, infamous for his gluttonous nature. Recognizing Shara’s insatiable appetite, Aramais sent him to a fertile region that could sustain his needs. This area, blessed with abundant resources, was later named Shirak in honor of Shara. Movses Khorenatsi, the eminent Armenian historian, referenced Shara in a proverb that highlights his notorious gluttony: “If thou hast the gullet of a Shara, our stores are not the stores of Shirak.” This proverb underscores the legendary consumption habits of Shara and the richness of Shirak.

Amasa and the Naming of Mount Ararat

Shara’s son, Amasa, continued the lineage and contributed to the Armenian legacy in his own right. One of the most significant geographical landmarks in Armenia, Mount Ararat, was named “Masis” after Amasa. This mountain, standing majestically in the Armenian landscape, symbolizes the enduring spirit and resilience of the Armenian people.

The lineage of Hayk, spanning generations from Armenak to Amasa, has deeply influenced Armenian culture, history, and geography. Each descendant, from Aramais’s founding of Armavir to the naming of Mount Ararat after Amasa, played a crucial role in shaping the identity of the Armenian nation. These stories, woven into the fabric of Armenian history, continue to be celebrated and remembered, highlighting the rich ancestral heritage of Armenia.


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