The Legend of Lake Parvana

The Legend of Lake Parvana

The story of the cartoon “The Legend of Lake Parvana” tells of an Armenian kingdom whose ruler fell seriously ill. He understood that his days were numbered so he tried to find his only daughter a good husband.

Throughout the kingdom, messengers were sent with the news that a large-scale pre-marital screening was to take place. The bride had to choose a husband for herself, the one whose talents would appeal to her.

A variety of applicants arrived, but each of them was assigned impossible tasks.

On the night when one hunter was trying to produce a non-extinguishable fire, the king passed away. His daughter went to the street and began to cry. Her sorrow was great, and she turned into a stone statue from which a life-giving stream began to flow. It filled the Parvana Lake which is still amazing us with its beauty.

At the heart of this story is the story of Hovhannes Ohanyan who interpreted the ancient version of the origin of the most beautiful lake in Armenia.

The Legend of Lake Parvana

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