Yahweh – The Holy Traditions of Ararat

Yahweh – The Holy Traditions of Ararat

Arius lived in Ararat with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They were happy and lived as it befitted the gods, created, and had neither strife nor disease.

The Aryans would speak with the Sun and consulted the stars. They would make sacrifices to the gods, and the gods would patronize them.

They would make big bonfires – the smoke of the bonfires would spread throughout Ararat and ascend to Heaven. And all the gods would happily appear, seat themselves at the sacrificial table, eat from the blessings of Ararat, and bless the Aryans.

The Aryans would make sacrifices to all gods. But they would make the most frequent and plentiful sacrifices to Father Ar and the powerful Vahagn. This would not annoy the other gods in the least – they themselves lovingly glorified Ar and Vahagn.

Only Yahweh was annoyed. The Aryans determined for him only one day for sacrifices, which was in cold winter. Malice strangled him, but he would not show offense – he restrained himself and pondered how to humiliate Vahagn before the gods and Aryans.

During the sacrificial festival of Yahweh, it was a cold and stormy day. All the Gods gathered at the sacrificial table and praised Yahweh. At the same time, they also glorified Ar and Vahagn. Everyone was cheerful.

Only Yahweh was silent. He wouldn’t eat anything, only drink and drink. It was bitter to him that at his festival, Vahagn was praised more than he.

Yahweh got drunk. He did not wait for the end of the ceremony and flew to Father Ar.

“Yahweh,” Ar said angrily, “It is not proper for the gods to abandon the rite of sacrifice, what are you plotting?”

“My father,” Yahweh said, “I left the sacrificial table because I am extremely upset for you. The Aryans glorified the gods and before your name called the name of Vahagn.”

“You are slandering, Yahweh,” Ar responded, “This does not befit a god. The Aryans always praise Vahagn after me because Vahagn is the patron of their power. When drunk, you say what you have plotted while sober.”

And Ar punished Yahweh for defamation and slander – he cast him out of heaven and appointed him the ruler of the Underworld:

“When anger overtakes you, shake there, underground, and you will become reassured.”

And Yahweh would forever remain the Ruler of the Underworld and harbor hatred against Vahagn and the Aryans. And since then, when his bile accumulated beyond measure, he would shake Ararat to punish Aryans.

And after this, the Aryans grew afraid of Yahweh and would not bring sacrifices to him.

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