Armenia, A Prominent Land of Horses

Armenia, A Prominent Land of Horses Back in the times immemorial, horse breeding emerged in Armenia, leading to the domestication of horses and further the development of the chariot in Armenia. Moreover, the Armenian Highlands have been renowned for their horse breeding techniques and horsemanship over centuries. The Armenian cavalry has been equally revered. A testimony to the richness of horse breeding in the region is the murals of the Iron Age Kingdom of Van (Urartu).

Armenians traditionally consider their homeland the biblical Torgom (Togarmah). The Hebrew Bible refers to the House of Togarmah as a land renowned for its horses (Ezekiel 27:14).

“What they say about Armenia bewilders us. How could this mountain people develop such a cavalry that was able to measure itself against the horsemen of the Medes? One thing which is certain is the fact that Armenia… was a source of excellent well-bred horses. The people in this country had discovered that horses were not just an economic asset but could also be used for military purposes,” V. Chapot wrote.

Armenia, land of the Horse PeopleOfAr


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