Asiatic Lions That Once Existed in Armenia

Asiatic Lions That Once Existed in ArmeniaThe Asiatic/Persian Lion (Panthera leo persica) has once lived in Armenia before going extinct in the region. This species of lions has ranged from the Mediterranean to India in ancient times as well.

Now, these lions can found in Gir Forest National Park in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, India, where only 523 species exist. Genetic research shows that the ancestors of the Asiatic Lion split from the sub-Saharan African lions between 74 and 203 thousand years ago. The closest relatives of the Asiatic Lion are North and West-Central African lions.

The lion has been trademarking Armenian imagery since antiquity until today. Way before Armenia converted to Christianity in 301 AD, the lion has been used as a symbol as well.

Asiatic Lion vs African Lion

Bagratuni flag Great Armenia
Rubenid Flag Cilicia

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