Dilijan: Amazingly Beautiful Nature Combined with Healing Climate

Dilijan is a city located in Armenia, the Tavush region. It is on the river Aghstev and is a world-famous mountain and spa resort, included among the main recreational resources in Armenia. The city is awarded the status of National Park.

The healing climate of Dilijan is first of all due to its good location: due to its forested mountainous terrain, where mainly there is no wind, and to the relative humidity of the air, despite frequent rains, the resort is popular all year round.

Dilijan is also rich in mineral springs, which with their quality are close to the waters of Borjomi in Georgia and Vichy in France. The exact time of the foundation of Dilijan is unknown. References to it are found in various documents of the first half of the 19th century when it began to develop as a resort. 

The modern city is interesting with its traditional Armenian architecture – it is the attic, wooden balconies with carved railings, carved window frames, and doors. In the historic center, there is a quarter where the life of the ancient city is recreated. Here many craftsmen work, people bake traditional Armenian bread, and lots of souvenir shops are open for the visitors.

The amazingly beautiful nature combined with a healing climate, and interesting historical sites make Dilijan very popular among tourists, as well as among representatives of creative professions. Here many artists, composers, and directors come for inspiration.

Source: armedia.am

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